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Luthuli Drive, Plot 4, Bugolobi, Kampala, Uganda



At the hub, we have a great multi use space (18 X20 square feet) that is perfect for teaching small groups up to 25 people.  Join us and teach a workshop, a course or present your work to interested stakeholders or students. The space is also great for small meetings, group projects and can serve as a casual gallery space for  art and photographs. We have used it for our photovoice project. 

We have a great set of comfortable and modular upholstered armless benches that can be easily rearranged for smaller group work. Please also note the railing system that will allow for displaying photos/posters. in addition we have a screen for displaying powerpoint slides and a white board. 


We have several projects underway centered around mental health research, translational neuroscience, use of wearables for sleep research, alcohol marketing, capacity building for community-based organizations and others.

We always welcome partnerships and opportunities to collaborate. Our largest project is the 5-year NIH funded TOPOWA study which centers around the social drivers of mental health among women living in the slums of Kampala.

Let us know if you are interested or have ideas.



We are always looking for volunteers to join us on our many projects and offer opportunities for early and seasoned educators, researchers, students and interested persons who want to contribute and make a difference.


We also collaborate with many community based organizations that welcome some extra help.


We have 4 bedrooms in the hub and so can facilitate the stay with accommodation in the hub.


Reach out with questions and possibilities.


We recommend that you check with us early as we have several projects underway and need to prioritize the project team and our study abroad program.

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